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Jun 14 17 10:28 AM

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I have a few feature requests for the Table feature.

1.  It would be nice if the "Cursors" row was frozen so as I scroll down through data, I can still see at what times the cursors were at.
2.  It would be useful to be able to type a value into the cursor cells and have the cursors go to that point.

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Jun 14 17 6:34 PM

Hi Donny,

1. Go to Transient/Data, Table page, check "Show time on the header". Cursor values will be displayed in the unscrollable (frozen) header line.
2. Not is this table: too much work. Option: Cursors window (right-click on the graph, "Cursors") - you probably know about it. The only problem with Cursors window is that it is "modal", so it cannot stay open. I have an item in the to-do list: ability to change cursor positions in the Transient/Data window, but it is of low priority.

Thank you,

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